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The walking Dead (zombie invasion style of the world, very violent and on good and evil) quite extreme, personally I preferred comics. Zombie Anarchy (Game, iPhone and iPad, v1.0.11, VF, 188.3 MB, iOS 8.0) Gameloft falls pile the week of the return of The Walking Dead. On windows, you can have a good pc for a reasonable price, there is a lot of shareware + all the games possible there.

I would like to change the RAM, the 2 m-ssd or the hdd of storage on my laptop PC with Linux and Windows when I need it (increase of storage space, breakdown) in 10 minutes on my sofa To be able to answer the telephone that is next to me.

Personally, I want to buy a Honeycomb tablet, but the Xoom is much more expensive than an iPad (worth the price of a very good PC!) And more that has a battery very weak (because the " IPad, it is also a very good autonomy), well, I will pass on the Xoom and hope for the side of Samsung or LG.

For having tried it some time ago, we can only advise you Asphalt Xtreme, the new title of Gameloft has finally landed on Android and iOS through the Play Store and App Store. Since October 26, the newest of Gameloft, Zombie Anarchy, is available on the Play Store. The American channel FX announces it has ordered the pilot episode of Mayans ™, a new television series that will serve as a spin-off to Sons of Anarchy. Zombie Anarchy is available since October 26 under Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

They go down to a tablet between $ 400 and $ 500 in nude, a little common sense at $ 800, there are 50x laptops better, and that the user lambda, he knows. Zombie Anarchy is the brand new license of Gameloft in which you immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic world where the undead have invaded our streets. There is no shortage of clues, including the fact that Ned Stark holds a secret entrusted by his sister on his deathbed and lives according to his words "for 14 years in the lie", namely the age of Snow At the beginning of the adventure. Zombie Infection is an action and adventure game of a wealth never reached on mobile phone. With Zombie Anarchy, you immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic world where the undead have invaded our streets. By the creators of Word Academy and 94%, Math Academy is a very good reflection game (iOS, Android) to work your mental calculation while having fun.

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